School Council and Ambassadors

School Councillors and Ambassadors at Warmsworth Primary School

We have a team of School Councillors and School Ambassadors - Eco Councillors, Sports Councillors, Enterprise Councillors, Smile Ambassadors and Reading Ambassadors.

We also pleased to announce that Isla R in Year 5 has been offered the role of Primary Ambassador for Doncaster! Isla applied to be the Junior Civic Mayor for Doncaster and was shortlisted in the final 6, and the judges were so impressed with her application and video statement that they have asked her to represent the children in Doncaster as a Primary Ambassador! Congratulations Isla – we are all incredibly proud of you and can’t wait to her about your experiences!


Eco Council 2021- 2022

School Council Members

We are pleased to announce the names of our children who applied and have been elected by their peers to represent them on our school councils:

  • Sports Council

Year 1          Ada and Belle

Year 2         Charlotte and Piper

Year 3         Dante and James

Year 4         Aimee and James

Year 5         Kian and Jacob

Year 6         Henry and Charlie


Sports Council (2)(1).jpg


  • Eco Council

Year 1          Euan and Seth

Year 2         Alfie and Jenna

Year 3         Harry and Frank

Year 4         Grace and Oscar

Year 5         Ava and Ethan

Year 6         Calista and Ava


  • Enterprise Council

Year 1          Jack and Zach

Year 2         Joseph and Charlie

Year 3         Jacob and Louis

Year 4         Edward and Noah

Year 5         Evie and Oliver

Year 6         Alesha-Mae and Sullivan


  • Smile Ambassadors

Year 1          Isabella and Stanley

Year 2         Logan and Amiah-Rae

Year 3         Daisy and Izabella

Year 4         Logan and Ellie

Year 5         Charlie and Max

Year 6         Maddison and Billy


  • Reading Ambassadors

Year 3         Ava and Harvey

Year 4         Lacey and Ava

Year 5         Aaron and Daniel

Year 6         Eva and Olivia


  • Digital Leaders

Year 3         

Year 4         

Year 5        

Year 6        


Sports Council 2021 - 2022

 Leader: Mr Halstead

 Year 1:  Ada’s favourite activity is running and is excited to help other people love sports as much as she does. Belle loves to cycle and is super excited to be a Sports Councillor so she can work with Mr Halstead and help all the other boys and girls at her school.

 Year 2: Charlotte loves sport and is hoping to help other children in her P.E lessons as part of being a Sports Councillor. Piper loves throwing and catching and her sporting hero is Mr Halstead.

Year 3: James loves sport and is already playing football for Warmsworth Lions, his favourite football player to watch is Kylian Mbappé. Dante is very excited to become a Sports Councillor so that he can help all his friends enjoy sports too.

Year 4: James G is a fantastic student athlete, who loves football, his sporting hero is his friend Max. Aimee loves all sports and is really excited to help her friends enjoy sport too, her favourite sports are Gymnastics and football. She has many sporting heroes, such as her dance and gymnastic teachers, who she works with multiple times a week after school.

Year 5: Kian is an amazing athlete who plays for Warmsworth Lions Football Club on a weekend with many of his friends from his year group. Kian wants to be a Sports Councillor so he can teach others the importance of health and fitness in life. Jacob is really excited about becoming a Sports Councillor so that he can help make play times as fun as possible for everyone.

Year 6: Charlie is an outstanding student and very talented athlete, taking part in a number of different sports such as; diving, tennis, athletics and football. Charlie has a passion for sport and is hoping that by becoming a Sports Councillor he can get other people involved in sport also. Charlie’s sporting hero is Bukayo Saka as he is a talented young player who is very brave and resilient. Henry is a fantastic role model in school and is an extremely high achiever in many subjects including P.E. Henry also is active outside of school as well as he plays for Warmsworth Lions Football Club with many of his peers. Henry really wants to get other people into sport and help them to be the best athlete they can be.

Sports Council News Update

The Sports Council members first task in October is to gather information from their own year group, about the different sports and clubs they attend outside of school, so we can celebrate their hard work and achievements, as well as introducing the opportunities to the rest of the year group.

The Sports Council members second task this year is to help select the best possible stations/challenges for the new activity trail that will hopefully be completed in 2022. In addition to this, the children all had to work together and come to a collative decision on all 7 stages of the activity trail which they managed to achieve using great communication and decision-making skills. Finally, the Sports Council were tasked with feeding this information back to their peers.

Sports Council Minutes December 2021

Sports Council Minutes February 2022

Sports Council Minutes May 2022

Sports Council Minutes June 2022

Eco Council 2021 - 2022

Leader - Mrs Williams


Eco Council  Update


Enterprise Council 2021 - 2022

Leader - Mr Burdon

We would like to introduce Warmsworth Primary School's Enterprise Ambassadors.  These passionate readers are going to be heading up our new pupil group with the intended focus of raising the profile of reading through organising and leading a series of school activities which will improve the reading experience for all our pupils. Watch this space for more details.

Enterprise Ambassadors Update


Smile Ambassadors 2021 -2022

Smile Ambassadors Update:

Warmsworth Primary School Anti–Bullying Pledge

 We agree to respect others and take a stand against bullying by supporting young people around us and reporting bullying whenever we see it.

This includes physical, verbal, cyber, racial, homophobic, religious, sexual, emotional and other forms of bullying. 

We believe that everybody has the right to feel safe, included, valued, accepted and respected at all times and we will try our best to achieve this as SMILE Ambassadors.

We believe that a SMILE ambassador is someone that looks out for bullying; supports those that maybe being bullied and is a listening ear to anyone that may want to talk to someone, other than an adult.

We are here to help.

SMILE Ambassadors

Useful websites: Useful numbers: Police - 101 Police - 999 (emergency only) Childline - 08001111


Reading Ambassadors 2021 - 2022

Leader - Miss Nithsdale 

We would like to introduce Warmsworth Primary School's Reading Ambassadors.  These passionate readers are going to be heading up our new pupil group with the intended focus of raising the profile of reading through organising and leading a series of school activities which will improve the reading experience for all our pupils. Watch this space for more details.

Reading Ambassadors Update

Our reading ambassadors are busy creating reading recommendation assemblies. 

Reading Ambassador Meeting Minutes January 2022


Digital Leaders 

Leader - Mrs Spouse 

Digital leaders are in essence, pupil monitors for the technology that is used in schools. We have nominated Year 6 pupils based on children who are interested, enthusiastic and have the potential to be role models in their use of technology. Their job is to be advocates for good behaviour with technology, support teachers where ever possible and to showcase a range of digital skills.

Digital Leaders Update


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