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Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement for French



At Warmsworth Primary School, we believe that in the 21st century, children need to be able to communicate effectively with people in a worldwide context and having an understanding of other languages is a key skill. We intend to provide children with rich language experiences that allow our children to gain the necessary building blocks to enable them to pursue careers and leisure pursuits involving languages.

We aim to provide our children, through their language learning, further experiences of the wider world, including different cultures, food and lifestyles. First hand learning experiences are key to language learning and our French curriculum ensures, through role playing language, that children learn language in context and in a collaborative way.


A bespoke curriculum, written in conjunction with our secondary school, has been designed to build upon knowledge and skills each year and our progression documents ensure that there is a clear understanding of what each year group should learn.  It has been split into specific topics which allows knowledge to be revisited upon in a two year cycle in line with National Curriculum expectations and our curriculum mapping ensures that these expectations are met.

Teachers plan by considering the outcomes they want to achieve, taking into account the topics that need to be covered and built upon.  Lessons are sequenced which allow for prior learning to be considered. Planning offers opportunities for revision of the language where vocabulary and grammar are built into each lesson.

In order for children to have a deeper understanding of the language, planning also allows for repetition and reinforcement.  Initially the planning focus is practical vocabulary activities.  It is only when children have had the opportunity to practically construct sentences with resources etc, that planning allows for progress onto writing independently. For children who need it, further intervention and feedback will be provided and challenge will be provided for children who have secured the necessary understanding.

The curriculum also offers opportunities for children to form learning links with other subject areas. This is further enhanced through themed French Days, where the whole school immerse themselves in various French activities.

To ensure that staff feel adequately supported in the delivery of French, training has been provided both on an individual basis, mainly by way of staff observing lesson being delivered, and whole school, where aspects of the curriculum, in particular grammar and pronunciation, have been developed to help overcome these barriers.


At Warmsworth Primary School we measure the impact of our French curriculum through various means including: observing children speaking and listening, marking of written work, observing images of children completing speaking and listening activities and subject tracking.

Recent monitoring has evidenced that there has been an improvement in the presence of French within the classroom through the use of French displays. In Key Stage 2, children have improved their evidencing of their learning journeys.

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