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   Computing at Warmsworth Primary School


Our Warmsworth Primary School Computing Curriculum equips our children with the skills they need to immerse themselves in a rapidly changing world where technology is becoming ever more prevalent.

The intention is that transitional computing skills supports children’s creativity, inquisitive nature and ability to test theories and solve problems through cross curricular learning to engage all pupils and enrich their experiences in school. 

We aim to ensure all pupils, regardless of their initial attainment or experience, make significant progress and enjoy first hand and collaborative experiences within Computing.

Through this curriculum, children who leave Warmsworth Primary School will be able to securely join the world on its digital platform.


It is essential that all children receive high-quality first teaching in order to succeed based on a progressive scheme of learning which encompasses and enriches the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum.

Our Computing Curriculum ensures a balanced coverage of computer science, information technology and digital literacy and e-safety thought through varied, relevant technologies.

Our scheme of work is devised from the Sheffield Scheme of Learning and supplemented by resources from the National College of Computing as well as teacher’s knowledge of age appropriate pedagogy.

The planned exposure to new software and current web-based content provides learners with the confidence to approach new technologies with curiosity, rather than doubt, and apply transitional skills.

The structure of the curriculum allows children to revisit core skills and specific technologies to ensure learning is built upon allowing individuals to reason and apply in more depth. 

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is developed to allow for Computing pre-requisites via both direct teaching and continuous provision.

The three-year progressive curriculum plan ensures our pupil’s level of challenge continually develops whilst providing suitable scaffolds for learning year on year. High standards and expectations are reinforced by the planned expectations and modelled examples in the scheme of work.

Teachers reinforce all pupils can achieve highly. The large majority of pupil’s progress through the curriculum content at the same pace. Learning is carefully scaffolded for pupils and additional support provides support and challenge within the year group.

Through using the PRIMM (Predict, Run, Investigate, Modify, Make) method of learning, children are articulate in explaining and justifying their predictions and using this to develop their own creations. Children are provided with opportunities to work both collaboratively and independently.

Peer support is encouraged through the use of class Digital Leaders. Our Digital Leaders develop their expertise in basic skills and share these with their peers. Teachers are also encouraged to be explicit with their use of technology and encourage pupils to support with technological tasks.

Annual staff confidence audits identify areas of strength and areas for development; thus support and training can be identified and tailored.

The use of staff online-calendars allow for technology to be used throughout each Key Stage to enrich other curriculum areas as well as embed and apply Computing skills.


Computing - Whole School Overview (2023-2024)

(Please note that the above document contains KS1 and KS2. The EYFS computing framework is currently undergoing some revisions).


By the end of Key Stage 2, our Warmsworth Primary School Computing Curriculum equips our children with the skills they need to immerse themselves in a rapidly changing world and securely join the world on its digital platform.

Our children are observed to be creative and inquisitive and are able to test theories and solve problems involving technology. They approach new technology with confidence across different areas of the curriculum.

Our children make good progress in Computing and are keen to talk about their first hand and collaborative experiences within Computing.



Schemes of Work
The schemes of work for Warmsworth Primary School's computing provision are currently in the process of being revised. Currently, the schemes of work as provided by the Sheffield Computing scheme are in place however these are being revised to further enable high-quality teaching and learning within computing. Two samples of revised schemes of learning for the autumn half term of 2023 (September to October) are attached:

Computing - unit 1.2 (year 2) sample scheme of work (2023-2024)

Computing - unit 1.5 (year 5) sample scheme of work (2023-2024)


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