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Warmsworth Primary School Policies

Please see below a selection of our school policies - to open, click on the title to read the document.
Should the policy be required in a different format, please contact the school office.
If you wish to view a policy not listed on here, please make a request at the school office, who will be able to assist you with your enquiry.  

Anti-Bullying Policy

Warmsworth Primary School Anti–Bullying Pledge

 We agree to respect others and take a stand against bullying by supporting young people around us and reporting bullying whenever we see it.

This includes physical, verbal, cyber, racial, homophobic, religious, sexual, emotional and other forms of bullying. 

We believe that everybody has the right to feel safe, included, valued, accepted and respected at all times and we will try our best to achieve this as SMILE Ambassadors.

We believe that a SMILE ambassador is someone that looks out for bullying; supports those that maybe being bullied and is a listening ear to anyone that may want to talk to someone, other than an adult.

We are here to help.

SMILE Ambassadors

Useful websites: Useful numbers: Police - 101 Police - 999 (emergency only) Childline - 08001111

Please click the link below to view our Anti-Bullying Policy:

Anti-Bullying Policy

Behaviour and Rewards Policy 

The Behaviour and Rewards Policy at Warmsworth Primary School reflects our school vision and values and is a statement of good practice, which promotes partnership and maintains a positive, caring approach through emphasising to all children that:

•    They have a right to learn without disruption
•    Teachers have a right to teach
•    Everybody has a right to work in an orderly environment that is conductive to learning and which fosters safety, dignity, respect and equality.

Children receive individual rewards to celebrate and motivate their achievements and are encouraged to belong to a class  and school team!



Pupils who behave in an unacceptable way towards others in the school community may be excluded for a fixed period. Pupils who continually disrupt the learning of others, or commit a serious offence, may be permanently excluded from the school. A copy of the school’s Behaviour and Rewards Policy is available through the link below, or from the school office on request

Please click the link below to view our Behaviour and Rewards Policy:

Behaviour and Rewards Policy

We are currently reviewing our current behaviour and rewards policy and plan to launch our revised policy in the summer term 2023.


Charging and Remissions Policy 

Please click the link below to view our Charging and Remissions Policy:

Warmsworth Primary School Charging and Remissions Policy

Complaints Policy 

We always hope we can work together and avoid any complaints being made. However,  from time to time parents, and others connected with the school, will become aware of matters which cause them concern.  To encourage resolution of such situations the Governing Body has adopted a Complaints procedure. 
The procedure is devised  with the intention that it will usually be possible to resolve problems by informal means, be simple and easy to use and understand, be non-adversial, provide confidentiality, allow problems to be handled swiftly, address all the points at issue and inform future practice so that the problem in unlikely to recur.
A copy of the policy and procedure is provided in the link below:

Warmsworth Primary School Complaints Policy

Educational Visits Policy

School Visits Policy

Equality Policy 

Single Equalities Policy

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 are taught a specifically prepared units of work since the introduction of our Relationships and Sex Education in September 2020.  Details of what will be taught each term for each year group is included in the half-termly booklets sent home to parents. 

Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education Policy







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