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E-Safety at Warmsworth Primary School

The internet is a wonderful resource for communication, developing knowledge, learning and much more.

In addition, the school has a duty to provide pupils with quality internet access to support their learning in school. 

Our school e-Safety policy considers the use of the fixed and mobile internet, and other computing resources, and is regularly revised to incorporate new and emerging technologies. 

Please read our E-Safety Policy below:

Warmsworth Primary School E-Safety Policy

Internet use is part of the statutory curriculum and a necessary tool for staff and pupils. We use the information available on the internet to raise educational standards, promote pupil achievement, support professional work of staff and to enhance the School's Management Information Systems.  

E-Safety depends on staff, governors and parents and, where appropriate, the pupils themselves taking responsibility for the use of the Internet and other communication technologies and mobile devices.

Pupils are educated in the safe use of the internet through computing learning sessions, e-Safety programmes throughout the year, and each class take part in e-Safety discussions as part of planned sessions and as opportunities arise. 

Cyber-bullying and online concerns are being reported to school more often recently, and we support both our children and their parents in managing and handling these.

Due to the age limits on social media sites and certain games, primary-aged children should have limited opportunities to be bullied or view inappropriate imagery online; however we are aware from talking to our children and parents that many of our children are accessing sites for older children/adults and are being put at risk.  Children are reporting to us that they are on WhatsApp groups with their friends – please be aware that the minimum age for a WhatsApp group is now 16 years old. Please remember to be vigilant when your children are online or accessing social media.

S.M.A.R.T. Rules for staying safe on-line


Keeping Safe on the internet at home

One of our biggest challenges is helping our children stay safe online in the modern world, as the digital world is all around them through social media, online gaming etc. 

The internet has transformed the ability to access content. Many apps that children use are dependent on user generated content which can encourage freedom of expression, imagination and creativity. However, due to the sheer volume uploaded every day, it can be difficult for platforms to regulate and moderate everything, which means that disturbing or distressing images, videos or audio clips can slip through the net.

We teach the children throughout their time at Warmsworth Primary School, to keep themselves safe online. 

Should you or your child ever see or hear something offensive on socila media, please report it through the CEOP link below.


Safer School App              safer schools app logo

As a parent of a child at Warmsworth Primary School, you have free access to The Safer School app operated via Zurich Municipal.

This app is designed for staff, pupils and parents/carers and pupils. It helps support and protect children by educating and empowering them at school and at home.

For those of you who have children in Key Stage 1  (F1-Y2), the app is not designed for your children to use or access alone but by downloading the App with parents access, you will have access to information that you can share with your younger children and use to protect them.

The app may be downloaded for free from the Apple Store or Google Play store. When the app has downloaded:

Select “Warmsworth Primary School” from the drop down menu and enter the four digit entry code ‘7440’ for parents access or ‘9342’ for pupil access when prompted to do so.

We regularly post updates in our newsletters to parents to keep them informed of parental support and guidance on the use of social media. There are some really useful websites for parents too - Think U Know is particularly good for up-to-date information and trends. 

eSafety - Help and Advice for Pupils, Staff and Parents
For more information and sources of support, please follow the links below:
Parent Guides for online safety from 
Please click on each link below to take you to each Parent Guide - there are a lot more on the website, should you not be able to find what you are looking for.



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