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Geography at Warmsworth Primary School


At WPS, we aim for a high quality inclusive geography curriculum designed to develop all children’s curiosity and fascination about the world in which they live in. 

We want all children to develop their knowledge of different places, people, cultures as well as a deep understanding of the Earth’s human and physical processes and interactions between them. 

We aim for children to develop the skills needed to support further geography learning when in secondary school and beyond, to become positive 21st century global citizens by developing their understanding of current environmental challenges to our planet and their role and influence in protecting it. 

History and Geography Overview of Units at Warmsworth Primary School 

Long Term Plan for Geography at Warmsworth Primary School

Our Geography Curriculum encompasses all of the EYFS specific area of learning Knowledge of the World and The National Curriculum Geography aims and subject content.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum supports children’s understanding of geography, people and communities through the planning and teaching of ‘Understanding the World’.  Children learn about features of their own environment such as school and home through first-hand experiences and learn how environments may differ through the sharing of books, stories, small world play and role play. 

The key subject content in KS1 and KS2 is taught through the following areas; Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge, Human and Physical Geography, Geographical Skills and Fieldwork.

Our Geography Curriculum is further enhanced with the inclusion of the Oxfam Global and Citizenship Education. 

We have devised a long term overview which highlights which themes will be covered throughout school.  These are closely linked with English class texts and history topics to ensure a cross curricular approach to learning. 

Our carefully planned geography scheme of work, progression of skills and embedded collaborative learning strategies allows our children to articulate their learning which supports them to know more and remember more as they move through school. Our scheme of work outlines the skills, learning objectives, activities and vocabulary for each session within the learning sequence.

 Our progression of skills document outlines the progression across school in mapping, geographical enquiry and fieldwork skills to ensure skills a built upon each year. 

Knowledge Organisers at the start of each theme provide key knowledge and vocabulary for children to refer to. 

We provide further opportunities for children to develop and revisit their locational knowledge of places and geographical vocabulary by displaying world and UK maps in classes.  These are regularly used to locate places e.g. holiday destinations, identifying global issues highlighted through Newsround and settings in class texts.  

We provide children with opportunities to investigate and make first-hand enquiries about their local area, so they find out about the area in which they live and what makes their local area unique and special. 

The subject leader is a member of the Geographical Association and this membership supports the subject leader to use any current research, curriculum updates, subject leader CPD and resources which is then used to impact on outcomes in school. 


Our children talk enthusiastically about their geography learning and show a genuine curiosity and interest in the areas they have explored. 

Our children are able to talk about current environmental challenges to our planet and the way we are affecting these.

Regular learning walks show that the use of maps displayed in classrooms supports children in developing a good understanding of location and place and to compare and make links between these using geographical vocabulary.

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