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Knowledge Organisers

At Warmsworth Primary School, we share Knowledge Organisers each half term, with children and parents, to support learning. A paper copy will be issued to your child, an electronic version (and copies of the previous half terms Knowledge Organisers) can be viewed via your childs class page on this website.

The knowledge organiser aims to give you a thoughtful insight in to what your child will be learning for the half term. 

They are also used in the classroom to support your child with their learning.

They contain key facts and information that our children need in order to have a basic knowledge and understanding of a topic. They will include the essential facts about the topic for the half term, in easy-to-digest chunks; key vocabulary or technical terms and their meanings; images such as maps or diagrams.

The main benefit of knowledge organisers is that they give our children the ‘bigger picture’ of a topic or subject area. Some topics can be complicated, so having the essential knowledge, clear diagrams, explanations and key terms on one document can be very helpful.

Research shows that our brains remember things more efficiently when we know the ‘bigger picture’ and can see the way that pieces of knowledge within that subject area link together. Making links, essentially, helps information move into our long-term memory.

Please enjoy discussing our knowledge organisers with your child and enjoy the learning journey they experience alongside them - all copies of the knowledge organisers for your child's year group can be found on their class page.


Please find below the knowledge organisers for the first half of the autumn term (September-October 2023):

FS1 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 1

FS2 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 1

Y1 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 1

Y2 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 1

Y3 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 1

Y4 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 1

Y5 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 1

Y6 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 1


Please find below the knowledge organisers for the second half of the autumn term (November-December 2023):

FS1 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 2

FS2 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 2

Y1 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 2

Y2 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 2

Y3 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 2

Y4 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 2

Y5 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 2

Y6 - Knowledge organiser - Autumn 2



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