Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and Punctuality at Warmsworth Primary School

Good attendance and punctuality are very important at Warmsworth Primary School.

We aim for every child to have an attendance of 97% and above. Lateness and absenteeism can have a detrimental effect on both a child's social and emotional well-being, as well as their attainment and progress.

The school gate is open in a morning from 8:40 am and a member of staff will be there for safeguarding purposes, but please note that there is no direct supervision on the rest of the school site until the classroom doors are opened at 8:50 am and therefore school cannot take responsibility for your child until that time.

Please ensure that your child arrives on time to start school punctually, between 8.50am and 8.59am. It is very important that you let us know about any absence by informing the school office on each day of your child's absence. If the school is not notified, the absence is classified as unauthorised. 

If your child has to leave school during the school day a parent or other responsible person should collect either him or her. 

Children who arrive after the close of registration (9:00am) should report to the school office. The time and reason for lateness is recorded. Any child arriving after 9:15 am is recorded as an unauthorised absence for that half-day.

The school works closely with the Local Authority and the Attendance and Pupil Welfare Service to address any concerns regarding children's attendance and punctuality.  Attendance below 95% is monitored regularly and parents are informed if their attendance falls below this level.  If attendance does not improve, parents will be invited into school to discuss the concerns and the Headteacher may record further absences as ‘Unauthorised’ and seek further advice form the Local Authority and the Education Welfare Service. 

For further information about our Attendance Policy, please click the lnk below:

Warmsworth Primary School Attendance Policy

Leave of Absence

The Government implemented legislation effective from 1st September 2013 which means that no requests for holidays can be authorised, except in exceptional circumstances, as detailed on the Leave of Absence form (available from the school office).

WPS Leave of Absence Form 2021 - 2022

Absence 2019/2020 

(up until partial closure due to Covid on 20th March 2020)

96.1 % Attendance

3.1% Authorised Absence

0.7% Unauthorised Absence       

Absence 2018/2019 :  96.6% including FS1 / 97.27% excluding FS1

Absence 2017/2018 :  96.8% including FS1 

Further Support:

Education Welfare Officer:  01302  736504


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