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Health Support and Medicines in School

Health Matters

Medicine in school:

Legally, schools are not compelled to administer medication to children or to supervise a child taking it because of the risks involved and possible legal consequences.

This is purely a voluntary role.  Medicines should only be brought into school where it would be detrimental to a child's health if the medicine were not administered during the school day.

If possible all medicine should be taken at home, with the exception of doses prescribed four times a day by a doctor.  The administration staff at this school have volunteered to administer medicines that meet the requirements and have been trained to do so.

To aid this process the following documents must be completed by parents/carers.  These can either be completed at home by downloading the forms listed below or by requesting copies from our school office.

Form 3A - Parental agreement for school to administer prescribed medicine short term

Form 3B - Parental agreement for school to administer prescribed medicine long term

Form 5 - Records of medicine administered in school


For further details regarding the administration of medicine please read our Medicine in School Policy by clicking the link below:

Warmsworth Primary School Medicine in School Policy


Medical Conditions:

It is important that school  is made aware of any medical conditions your child may have.  Please record this on the pupil information sheet at the beginning of each school year and advise the school office of any in year changes.

If your child has asthma, please contact the school office on 01302 852200 so that an Asthma Reord can be completed. Should your child require their inhaler during the school day, this will be recorded and a text will be sent  home.

If your child has a medical condition, we would like you to share this with us so that we can best meet their needs. For many medical conditions, we may choose to complete a Medical Care Plan with you, to ensure your child's needs are met with the upmost care. Please contact the school office on 01302 852200 should you require any further information. 

Should your child have incurred an injury, please let us know as we will ask you to complete a Change of Condition Report with us, to ensure we are supporting your child as best we can with temporary modifications. 


The Doncaster School Nursing Team:

The school has access to the Doncaster School Nursing Team through a single point of contact. Referrals can be made to this service through school - please contact the school office on 01302 852200 for more details.   Parenst and carers can also self refer to the Single point of Contact on 03000218997/ 

The team also offer an " E Clinic app service- The  free " Parent plus E clinic app enables parents and carers or children to  get direct contact with a school nurse and discuss any health related issue using instant messaging. 


SN SPOC Poster.png

E Clinic poster.png











The Doncaster School Nursing Team visit school during the year for specific routine health screening for height and weight in both Foundation Stage 2 and again in Year 6.  Vision is also checked by the School Nursing Team in Foundation Stage 2. 

Flu vaccinations are available each year for all children in school, as a Local Authority Maintained School.

Our Inclusion and SEND Team can also support you to make referrals to the School Nurse and other medical support services - please contact the school office on 01302 852200 to discuss. 

The Doncaster School Nursing Team have devised a short video to tell you them about the services they offer.

To view, please click the link to YouTube below:


How long should I keep my child off school?

Please click on the link below for Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings as published by the Public Health Agency.

You will find the recommended periods for chidlren to absent form school if they have chicken pox, vomiting etc.



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