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Sports Day 2022

Congratulations to all our children who took part in our annual sports day events just before half term, and a huge thank you to Mr Halstead and Miss Gibson for organising such fantastic sports days for all our children across school. 

All of our children took part in mixed-age group team events and we also held the finals of the individual races at these events too. 

Congratulations to the winners of the team events:

       F1am / F2MS - Elephants

       F1pm / F2LW - Snakes

       Year 1/2/3 -  Brazil 

       Year 4/5/6 - Spain

Congratulations also to the winners of the indivdual and team races:

       Foundation 1:

       Isaac, Olivia, Stephanie, Max, Logan, Abigail, Ida, Arthur, Oliver, Jesse, Evie, Karson and Aaliyah.

       Foundation 2:

       Freddie, Lucas, Sam, Lucas, Rodney, Kevin and Stefan

       Lena, Ellie, Lily, Harper,  Belle, Esme, Olivia, Josephine, Ophelia and Katie

       Year 1:

       Ruby, Zach T, Iyla-Mae, Jasper, Gia, Max, Hashir, Abigail, Rory, Peyton, Leo H, Finn

       Year 2:

       Amiah-Rae, Charlie, Elsie, Harry, Marshall, Erin, Aiden, Charlotte, Nathaniel, Charlotte, Charlie

       Year 3:

       Skyla, Henry, Evie-Mai, Hunter, Fern, Charie, Charlotte, Archie, Rose, Frank

       Year 4:

       Zara, Gryff, Maie, Oliver, Ellie, Wyatt, Jacob, Kasey, Ellie-Rose, Samuel, Lacey, Jack

       Year 5:

       Rose, Daniel, Rubee, Luke, Sophie, Jack, Evie, Ollie, Isla, Louis, Jack and Charlie

       Year 6:

       Ava C, Jacob, Charlie, Chloe M, Ashton. Isabell, Alfie B, Chloe C, Ollie, Aylish, Harrison

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