School meals:

The cost of a school dinner from 1 September 2020 will be £2.45 per day.

Week 1 


Monday 1 March 2021


Country Bake (veg)



Iced Cake & Custard 



Week 2


 Monday 8 March 2021


Veggie Burger

Mashed Potatoes

Diced Carrots




Tuesday 2 March 2021

BBQ Chicken

Quorn Burger

Roast Potatoes


Oaty Biscuit 



Tuesday 9 March 2021

Homemade Pizza

Pasta Bake



 Chocolate Crunch & Custard




Wednesday 3 March 2021

Sausage & Yorkshire Pudding

Veggie Sausage

Diced Carrots

Mashed Potatoes


Cup Cakes




Wednesday 10 March 2021

  Roast Gammon

Veggie Sausages

Mashed Potatoes

Carrot Batons


Ice Cream Tub



 Thursday 11 February 2021

Chicken Curry & Rice

Peas & Sweetcorn

Naan Bread

Veggie Ravioli

Biscuit & Fruit Lolly 



  Thursday 11 March  2021  

Crispy Chicken

Country Bake


Baked Beans

 Jelly & Biscuit


Friday 4 March 2021

Fish Fingers

Chipped Potatoes


Pasta Bake

Chocolate Muffin Cake & Custard 


 Friday 12 March 2021 

Fish Portion

Meat Free Bolognaise



 Marble Sponge & Custard



School Packed Lunch option

Ham or Vegetarian Cheese (Cold Choice)

Fruit or Fruit Jelly


Bun or Biscuit


School Packed Lunch option

Ham, Tuna or Vegetarian Cheese (Cold Choice)

Fruit or Fruit Jelly


Bun or Biscuit



Governors have agreed at a meeting on Tuesday 3 March 2020 that a child's lunch money debt will not be allowed to exceed £7.35


If the debt is not cleared we will contact you to remind you that unless payment is made immediately, then your child should either be taken home for lunch or a home packed lunch should be provided.


Milk is available for all children and is provided free of charge to all children entitled to Free School Meals and for those children under the age of 5.   Milk can be ordered from Cool Milk who charge a small fee to supply this.


As part of our healthy schools focus, pupils are encouraged to consume fruit which is provided free of charge to KS1 pupils by the Local Authority.  We do not allow children to bring sweets or chocolate for break-time snacks.

Drinking water:

All children are encouraged to drink water during the school day.  Water bottles must be clear; preferably with a 'sports top'.   Only in exceptional circumstances and with a proven medical condition (letter from a Medical Practitioner) may a child bring other fluids to drink.

All new applications for free school meals must now be made on line at:

Please click on the above link to apply.