School Councils:

At Warmsworth Primary School, pupils voices are shared through councils.  We currently have an Eco Council, Enterprise Council, School Council and Sports Council.  The school council meets - usually with a teacher present - to address and sort out problems and suggest improvements for the whole school.

Eco Council 2020- 2021

 Leader - Mrs N Williams

Year 1:  Noah and Oliver

Year 2: Jacob and Molly

Year 3: Ellie and Kasey

Year 4: Ava and Ava

Year 5: Gabriel and Chloe

Year 6: Tobias and Finley


Eco Council Update

One of our aims was to improve our outdoor environments to protect the wildlife in our local area.  We have achieved this by creating bird feeders and locating them in the wildlife area and orchard.  

Reading Ambassadors 2020 - 2021

Leader - Mrs Nithsdale 

We would like to introduce Warmsworth Primary School's Reading Ambassadors.  These passionate readers are going to be heading up our new pupil group with the intended focus of raising the profile of reading through organising and leading a series of school activities which will improve the reading experience for all our pupils. Watch this space for more details. 

Year 4: 

Year 5: 

Year 6: 

Enterprise Council 2020- 2021

 Leader - Mr Burdon

Year 2: Charlotte

Year 3: Alicja

Year 4: Evelyn

Year 5: Imogen

Year 6: Emily

Smile Ambassadors 2020 - 2021

Leader - Mrs Brammer

Year 1: Izobel and Amaih-Rae

Year 2:  Skyla and Ava

Year 3: Georgia and Grace

Year 4: Isla, Olivia and Evie

Year 5: Sullivan and Alfie

Year 6: Carson and Sam

Digital Leaders 

Digital leaders are in essence, pupil monitors for the technology that is used in schools. We have nominated Year 6 pupils based on children who are interested, enthusiastic and have the potential to be role models in their use of technology. Their job is to be advocates for good behaviour with technology, support teachers where ever possible and to showcase a range of digital skills.


Our 'technical support' team are preparing to become experts in Virtual Reality and our 'Coaches' are planning to support other Key Stage 2 children. 


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." Steve Jobs 


Our team:




Sports Council 2020 - 2021

 Leader: Mr Halstead

 Year 1: Logan and Charlotte

 Year 2: Callum and Frank

Year 3: Lloyd and Noah

Year 4: Max and Oliver

Year 5: Ashton and Ollie

Year 6 - Lily and Willow 

Sports Council News Update

As a Sports Council, we have developed our ideas and arranged for school to purchase new equipment for children to use during play-times and lunch-times.  The Sports Council members gathered ideas from their own year group, the ideas were then taken to the Sports Council meeting, where the children then taken to the Sports Council meeting, where the children then decided on which equipment to purchase.  


In November, the sports Council were responsible for finding out which afterschool clubs the children would like in January. The Sports Council spoke with their class's and voted on what afterschool clubs were going to take place.

Mr Halstead would like to thank the continued hard work of his Sports Council who have been fantastic and helpful since September. 


We hope all the children in school enjoy the new equipment and look forward to our next assignment.