Transition into Year 5

Year 4 news:


Year 5-to-be Summer Work Pack:

Hello, soon-to-be year 5!

We have put a work pack together for pupils for over the summer to support you in preparing for year 5. These are just ideas – you can always do more if you want to hit the ground running in September!

We can’t wait to have you all back in school soon and to hear about all fun you have had – and learning you’ve done – since April!

Mr Thomson and Miss Kennedy




Please see above video for your child's transition into Year 5.
Addition to Home Learning Week Commencing 20th April 2020
As part of home learning for you to access during the school closures, we would like to recommend a Primary Engineers project that is open for all children to participate in. Before schools closed, children in Key Stage 2 were involved in a Primary Engineer competition. It could also now be accessed by younger children with a little support perhaps from an older sibling. The project is called, ‘If you were an engineer, what would you do?’
You will need to register, and once registered, you will be given access to online resources, guides and information on the upcoming engineer interviews via a resources area. There is no expectation that children must participate, but it would complement the efforts the children put into their initial designs completed in school (not all classes finished it before closure). You could even use your design again as part of this project. 
Please see below to register:


Calling all home educators,

There is nothing like a little boredom to fuel creative invention! 

With that in mind, we would like to present our ‘If you were an engineer, what would you do’ Home Learning Project. Completely free for all children and young people aged 3-19.

We are providing more online interviews with engineers, who will share their work experiences and answer your questions; along with some activities to help get you ‘thinking like an engineer’.

So, how do you get involved? 

Firstly, you will need to register, this can be done by clicking the link below.


Once registered, you will be given access to our online resources, guides and information on the upcoming engineer interviews via our resources area.

Please feel free to share this email with other families! We want everyone to have the opportunity to delve into the fun world of engineering and put their creativity to the test.

This project has been created both for parents/carers/guardians to deliver at home to children and young people in their household; and also, for teachers to deliver to key worker pupils in class or pupils at home. Teachers who are already registered for the Leaders Award competition, please share this with parents/carers/guardians to aid them with home learning.  

The deadline for this project is 10th September 2020. 

If you do have any queries at all or require more information, please visit our websitesign up to our newsletter, or contact us directly at 

You can follow us here:

Twitter: @leadersaward
Facebook: @leadersaward
Instagram: @primaryengineer
YouTube: PrimaryEngineer


Year 4 Home Learning Week Commencing 20th April 2020

We hope you have enjoyed a lovely Easter break. As we are entering a new half term, our topic has changed, and our new learning will be focussed around The Ancient Egyptians. This is a fascinating topic and we will develop our understanding of this ancient civilization.


Please remember to use Mathletics each day and you challenge yourself with different activities. Our focus in Maths is fractions and there are plenty of resources available to you.

Daily Maths lessons: White Rose Maths have live maths lessons each day, but they are also available at any time. They fully match our year 4 maths curriculum and provide different opportunities to stretch and challenge.

Mathsframe – This is an excellent resource for practising times tables. Remember by the end of year 4 you need to be able to recall all of the multiplication facts up to 12x12 with only 6 seconds per question!


Here are some maths challenges for this week:











In Science, our focus will be on electricity.



An important part of our English curriculum is spelling. We have included the full statutory spelling list for year 4.


Weekly spellings:


Where do you think the story was set? Why?

Who do you think the Sun King is? Why?

What do you think the secret could be?

Based on the front cover, would you like to read this text? Explain why.


Year 4 - Home Learning

We hope you have settled into your new routine of learning whether that be at home or school. Please share your learning with us using the class emails as we are eager to hear from you during this time. We have been busy looking for more resources to help support your learning at home and have included a few examples for you.


We have been amazed with the number of points you have been earning this week already. Please remember to use Mathletics each day and you challenge yourself with different activities. Our focus in Maths was fractions and there are plenty of resources available to you.


Here are three maths challenges for this week:










In Science, we have been learning about different types of teeth. Challenge yourself to write a non-chronological report about the different types of teeth. You could research how human teeth are different to those of animals.






An important part of our English curriculum is spelling. We have included the full statutory spelling list for year 4.



As part of our English learning, we have written a model diary entry linking to our text Demon Dentist. Read the text and the highlighted grammatical features. Use the model as a stimulus to write your own diary entry imagining you went to the dentist and met Miss Root. Try to include fronted adverbials, coordinating conjunctions, prepositional phrases and words from the year 4 spelling list. We look forward to reading your diary entries.






Year 4 English Learning

As part of our English learning this week, we used the newly refurbished Quad as a stimulus for our learning. We have been focussing on different sentences structures and used the surrounding to generate ideas. As a class, we thoroughly enjoyed learning outdoors and hope to complete some more of our learning there again soon.






Computing Learning 

This half term we are continuing to develop our programming skills during our Computing lessons. We are using Scratch to build our code using blocks in order to make an animation. We are learning about different variables and controls we can use.    






Year 4 Science learning

 As part of our Science learning, we have been observing animals in their habitats. We explored our Wildlife Area to see different insects in their habitats. We discussed why different animals had different habitats and how they were different to the homes we live in.







Year 4 Enterprise

Year 4 hosted their Enterprise event on Monday 10th December which was a roaring success. The children made products linked to their science and art learning to sell in order to make money that will go towards visits in year 4. As part of our science learning we looked at changing states of matter and used chocolate as a stimulus – the best part was the tasting! We were inspired by Jackson Pollock and created a Jackson Pollock inspired pattern on our chocolate.

As part of our Design and Technology learning, we developed our understanding of hygiene and how to use different kitchen utensils safely. We ensure were hygienic when we sold the products by wearing gloves.

We  developed our understanding of money as we needed to ensure we gave accurate change to our adults when the bought our products. 







Lush Workshop

Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed our visit from Lush today in order to support our Science learning about properties of materials and changing state. We learnt how bath bombs were made, and then we were able to make our own bath bomb to try out at home. As part of our learning, we discussed the uses of bath bombs and how the solid changes state by dissolving when it is in water. 






Science Learning 

This half term, year 4 have been focusing our learning on changing states of matter in Science. We investigated what happens to water when it is boiled using a kettle. We discovered that the liquid particles are heated and a gas is produced which takes on the form of steam. After this, we used mirrors to investigate if we could change the gas back into a liquid form. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for our Science learning.

Children's comments on the experiment:

"I enjoyed this learning because I didn’t expect to be able to see condensation on the mirror."

"We learnt that when you boil the kettle steam is created. When you put a cold mirror over the spout you can turn the gas back into a liquid through condensation."





PSHCE Learning

In year 4, we have been investigating human rights and the importance of them as part of our PSHCE learning. After learning about the different rights, we set up a ‘Human Rights Marketplace’ where we could purchase the four human rights we thought were the most important to each of us. We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon and it was interesting to see the different choices we all made as individuals.




English lesson:

On Tuesday 5th November 2019, year 4 enjoyed a successful parent English session focusing on reading in particular the use of vocabulary. The children thoroughly enjoyed working in their Kagan groups to discuss the vocabulary used in the text. They linked their learning to Maths and completed a Venn diagram to sort the vocabulary into ‘Muggle’ vocabulary and Wizarding’ vocabulary.







Year 4 have really impressed Mr Burdon and Miss Gibson because they have been thoroughly enjoying our class text Beowulf, and they have been eager to continue reading to find out what happens next.




World Maths Day:

Year 4 enjoyed celebrating World Maths Day with Year 6 this week. As part of World Maths Day Year 6 created multiplication games for Year 4 in preparation for our multiplication check in June. Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Year 6 to play these games and have asked to visit again soon!





The Jorvik Centre:

On Thursday 12th September, Year 4 visited the Jorvik centre as part of their learning linking to The Vikings. During the day, we learnt about Viking battle techniques and even managed to use the swords and spears! We also learnt about Viking settlements and enjoyed our trip through a Viking village although the realistic smells were not enjoyable. After our ride through History, we were shown how Vikings coins were made and could explore different elements of the museum. After an exhausting day, we fell into our seats on the coach to return home - some of us even managed to catch 40 winks on the way back to school.


Year 4 Parent Maths session:

"On Tuesday 10th September 2019, year 4 enjoyed a successful parent Maths session focusing on the development of problem solving linking to Roman Numerals and multiplication. The children thoroughly enjoyed the Roman Numeral treasure hunt where they needed to convert the years from Roman Numerals. Also, there was a focus on multiplication and rapid recall of the times tables. The children and adults enjoyed making flashcards to help support their learning at home. We hope our adults enjoyed joining our Maths learning.



Year 4 Parent PE session:
"On Friday 6th September 2019, year 4 enjoyed a successful parent PE session focusing on the development of problem solving, communication and teamwork. They completed six different activities focusing on a variety of sporting skills whilst developing communication and teamwork. The highlight of the afternoon was ‘Red Flag’ which is a firm favourite of the children in year 4. As they have started a new year, it was agreed that it is important to work collaboratively to ensure we can all achieve our goals and targets set in year 4. More than 25 parents/carers attended the event, and we would like to thank them all for attending and participating in our PE session. We hope they had as much fun as we did!”