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We are pleased to share with you a video (above) from our staff at Warmsworth Primary School. We are missing seeing you all, but hope you are all having fun and keeping safe and well. 

Take care


Mrs Train


CAMHS E-Clinic 

Please see link to poster below from CAMHS regarding their new E-Clinic's for 11 year old's and upwards.


CAMHS Poster


Letter from Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones - Re Safe Reopening of Schools

As a school, we have been making plans in line with government guidelines, and are currently working with the Local Authority to re-open our school to more pupils in the future. Please see attached a letter from Mayor Ros Jones stating her position that she is strongly recommending that schools across Doncaster should NOT be opening to a wider cohort of children on June 1st. As a Local Authority maintained school, we will be following this guidance and we will NOT be opening to a wider cohort of children on 1st June 2020. We will continue to provide care for our children of key workers, including next week in the half term holidays.

Kind regards.

Mrs Rachel Train




Please click below link to view letter from Mayor Ros Jones

Letter from Ros Jones


Government announcement - 10th May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,
The Prime Minister’s announcement last night may have left some of you confused about what the next few weeks will look like and I am sure you will have lots of questions.
Like you, we only received this information at 7pm last night so, at this stage, we may be unable to answer your questions until we have more clarity and receive guidance from the government.
I wanted to let you know that in terms of school the next few weeks will look exactly the same as it has done since lockdown began. There is no change to the guidance for schools at this current time.
We have not received any further information to support us with the new phase of the government’s plan to start the phased opening of some year groups; we expect to receive this over the next couple of weeks, hopefully with some clarification.
We remain open for the emergency childcare of the children of key workers and those who are considered to be vulnerable.
‘Parents whose work is critical to the COVID-19 response include those who work in health and social care and in other key sectors. Many parents working in these sectors may be able to ensure their child is kept at home. Every child who can be safely cared for at home must be.’(DfE)
The message is still that it is safer to stay at home, wherever possible.
We will need clear guidance to plan how it is possible to socially distance in schools and keep our children, teachers and families safe; how we might start to phase groups of children returning, and what this will look like. Please be assured there is no way we will reopen until we are fully prepared.
Guidance from the National Association of Head Teachers states that;
‘School leaders are still the people who know their schools best. If the national guidance (once known) cannot be safely applied in your school, you will retain the power along with your governing body or trust board to make decisions regarding the safety of pupils and staff based on your own individual risk assessments. This may ultimately mean that schools are not in a position to expand pupil numbers in the way the government has indicated on the 1 June.’  
As always, we will keep you informed,  but for now please try not to worry.
Our plan for now is to continue to provide activities for learning at home, keep contact with you, our families, and continue to support each other in these very difficult and uncertain times.
Kind regards,
Rachel Train


Granny Norbag Children's Radio Show


Hello everyone, 
We hope you are all keeping well. 
We wanted to give you the latest news in the exploits of Granny Norbag. Granny Norbag now has an hourly children's show on Rockingham Radio. The very first show went out last Sunday.
It’s available on catch up and we wanted to share the link with you to share with your families. 
Further details for how to catch up on Sunday's episode, and how to listen to future recordings are available at, 
Enjoy and stay safe, 
Mrs Nile



Government Advice for Parents and Carers

 Please see government advice for Parents and Carers for supporting your child's mental health during the Coronavirus Pandemic.




Coping Skills For Children

 Please see link below for advice on coping skills for your children during this time, 

Coping Skills for Kids


CAMHS Resources

Please see below links to resources from CAMHS for support during this time:


14 Day Wellness Challenge

A Guide to Living with Anxiety and Worry

Autism Speaks Virus Story

Comic The COVID 19 Storm

Coping Skills for Kids

How to Explain Coronavirus to a child with Anxiety and ADHD

Playful Deep Breathing Printables

Promoting Talk at Home Advice Sheet

Supporting your child with additional needs during COVID 19 

Supporting Children at Home

Washing Hands



Childcare Requirments

The Local Authority are wishing to ascertain parent's views on current and future childcare requirements with relation to Covid 19 - if you wish to take part in this survey, please follow this link: 


Internet/App Safety

With the number of new and existing apps  that are being used on mobile devices, it is ever-more important to protect children when using them. Below are some infographics to demonstrate what these apps are and how they can be made safer for children to use. 
In partnership with this, if you have any concerns about your child's e-saftey, there are several websites that give advice and guidance: 
London Grid for Learning - www.lgfl.net/online-safety
All of these websites are useful for monitoring and discussing your child's use of the internet and ensuring they are safe online. 
Please see below link to poster on the new app House Party and how to keep your children safe. 


CAMHS Contact and Support

Please see amended poster below for more information on on anxiety and worry and if your child needs further support.

CAMHS Contact and Support

Contact for Support whilst your child is not coming into school

External providers


  1. Early Help- 01302 734100



  1. Family Information Service https://www.doncaster.gov.uk/services/schools/families-information-service-fis


  1. School Nurse SPOC ( health support for children over 5 years)- 01302 566776


  1. CAMHS SPA-.

If emergency support or advice is needed, and this is within normal working hours please contact the CAMHS Duty team on 01302 796191. If this is out of normal working hours, please contact the Adult SPA Team on 01302 566999. In cases of immediate risk to the young person or other, please attend A&E. 

  1. Local Offer- Support for Children with Special Educational needs and disabilities



  1. Safer schools App ( download for free from App store/ Google play)- giving you online safety advice and support- tailored advice for parents and children

-Children’s access code  9342 ( aimed at children 7-11)

-Parents access code 7440 ( support for parents and advice to share with younger children).



  1. Sleep Clinic- for help and support for children with sleep difficulties


Tel 01302 751 416

E mail- info@thechildrenssleepcharity.org.uk



  1. ASCETs- Autism Specialist support service for children with an ASD diagnosis.



  1. Emotional Support


  • Young Minds


  • Papyrus- Suicide and self harm




  • Winstons wish - helping grieving children



Please also see below links on how to deal with worry during this time

Primary Age Resilience

Guide to living with Uncertainty and Worry amid Global uncertainty


Sports Relief:

Thanks to everyone for their support with Sports Relief 2020. Across school, children wore their sporting kits to raise awareness about the value of sport in people’s lives. We held whole year group activities where children took part in games, drills, sports and races to show the benefits of sport in helping to improve physical, mental and social health.

Thank you once again for your very kind donations we managed to raise £473.61 which has gone straight to Sports Relief. This money could give a child next week the same opportunities as our children had today at Warmsworth Primary School - thank you!


World Book Day and Readathon

Thanks to everyone for their support with our World Book Day 2020 celebrations. Across school, children have come dressed as their favourite book character and brought the corresponding book to share with their classmates. We held whole school assemblies, where favourite books have been shared with each other and readathon winners announced. Classes have paired up across school with children sharing their books with pupils from other classes and key stages as well as taking part in a series of book activities throughout the school day.


The winners of the sponsored readathon, who have all been awarded a £10 book token for the most minutes read across the year group, are:

F1: Jackson

F2: Amiah-Rae

Year 1: Charlotte

Year 2: Ava

Year 3: Aaron

Year 4: Aylish

Year 5: Adam

Year 6: Licsha


The total amount of reading completed for these pupils was 14,396 minutes over the 3.5 week period – a superb total! The total raised through the readathon so far is £1,477.65; we cannot thank you enough for your support, and we look forward to spending the money on new books for school.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed the readathon and the celebrations of the day. When asked, pupils expressed their enjoyment of the reading events:

“I love getting the opportunity to read more. There are so many adventures in books.” Chloe, year 4.

“I love World Book Day; it brings out people’s imaginations.” Ethan, year 4.

“It was great getting the chance to bring a book to school and share it.” Molly, year 3.

“I liked getting to go into assembly and see what everyone was wearing and getting to hear who the readathon winners were.” Amy, year 2.


Please keep an eye on school displays for further photos of the winners and other parts of our day.








Mental Health Week (Monday 3rd February - Friday 7th February 2020)


On Tuesday 4th February 2020, Mrs Nile and Mrs Berry discussed 'finding your brave' with children in KS1 & KS2. To help your children understand and explore this further, please visit Place2Be mental health week website using the link below to access parental resources.





Safer School App Update

Switching between parent/child settings - how to.

If parents are wishing to switch between the parent and children's version of the Safer Schools app, please follow the below steps:


  • Click on the drop down menu bar at the top of the screen
  • Click on log out
  • Follow usual set up instructions entering school name (Warmsworth Primary School) 
  • Then enter either parent code (7440) or child code (9342)


We have chicks in school!

There is a definite buzz around school this week as on Monday 27th January we took delivery of 10 incubated eggs! The children have been excitedly watching for any signs of movement for the last few days and we were rewarded on Wednesday 29th January when the first chick emerged from their shell. Since then, we have had a total of 8 chicks being born, with the potential of a further two arriving later this week – I am sure the children will keep you informed of their progress. The chicks will be remaining with us in school until Friday 7th February and then they will be rehomed. We believe these exciting opportunities are very important to our children, and we are all learning as we watch them develop and grow.


Day 1/2







Day 3







Day 4



Day 5



Week 2




Warmsworth Primary School- Launch of the “ Safer Schools App”


On Wednesday 15th January 2020, Mrs Berry will be launching the Safer schools app in school with all children in Key stage 2.


The Safer schools app is an app for the whole school community- to be used by staff, parents and children to help us navigate, and understand the digital online world and to promote our safe use and improve knowledge.


Mrs Berry will be holding individual class assemblies during Wednesday morning to introduce the new app to children in years 3-6.


For those of you who have children in Key Stage 1 ( F1-Y2), the app is not designed for your children to use or access alone but by downloading the App with parents access, you will have access to information that you can share with your younger children and use to protect them.


Please click this link to download the free “ Safer schools” app in the Apple App store or Google Play store today entering “ Warmsworth Primary School” and using the parents code “7440” when prompted to do so in the start up.


Tomorrow, children will be encouraged to download the app using the children’s access code “9342” and will be asked by the class teachers to complete an app related activity for their homework this week.


The Safer schools app is designed to support and protect our children by educating and empowering us all both at school and home. Through our access, we can get role specific up- to- date information that is relevant to our children in the online world as well as tips and advice on how to keep safe online.

Key learning topics include: Bullying, social media, gaming, sexting, safeguarding, appropriate use, emerging trends.


We encourage you to join us in keeping the pupils of Warmsworth Primary school as safe as we can make them by downloading the app today.


Specific School information will remain on the School website and you will receive push notifications related to school via existing methods, but current trends and info about all the apps and games your children will be talking about can be found on the Safer schools app.


For further information/ support, please contact Mrs Berry ( Parent Support/ Inclusion Manager).


Thank you

“Safer schools

Educate, empower and protect”