Newsletter December 2020


Thank you for all you support this term. The children have done so well and have really enjoyed all the Christmas celebrations to end this busy term.


The children in Foundation Stage and KS1 (with a little help from their teachers and Miss Nithsdale!) have all produced videos of their Christmas performances and we hope parents of these children have enjoyed viewing these on the children’s Google Classroom accounts.  These videos will remain on Google Classroom through the holidays so that you can allow grandparents etc. to view them.


Once again, our wonderful cook, Mrs Parr, and her staff have kindly prepared all the party food for the children’s parties and all the children have had a wonderful party with their class.


Save the Children - Christmas Jumper Day

Thank you for supporting Christmas Jumper Day; a total of £365.60 was raised for the Save the Children charity. Thank you again for all donations made.


Covid 19 and the Christmas holidays

As we enter the Christmas holidays, we are aware that some children may develop Covid 19 symptoms over the weekend of Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th December 2021 and may need to take a Covid test. 


If you child starts to exhibit these symptoms this weekend, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th December 2021, please email us on the secretary email address: informing us of your child’s name, class, symptoms they are experiencing and when these symptoms started.


If your child takes a Covid test as a result of these symptoms, please email as above detailing whether your child has received a positive or negative test result, as we are continuing to support the NHS Track and Trace service over the Christmas holidays and will let parents know of any cases which may affect their child and their class.


Safeguarding / One-way system

The new one-way system appears to be working very well and we will be continuing with this system in the new year – thank you so much for your feedback and support.


Please could I remind all parents / carers that if your child in in F1, F2, Y1 and Y2 your child must be accompanied to their classroom door by a responsible adult.


If you have a child in Y3, Y4 ,Y5 or Y6 they may enter the site independently, but please ensure they are fully aware that they need to go straight to their classroom door at their allocated start time. We are concerned that some children who are in these year groups are coming very early and are congregating on the streets around school, or visiting local shops, and we have  concerns about their safety. 


As we enter 2021, please could I ask that everyone continues to keep to their allocated start and end times, as below and ensure that the school premises are exited as soon as possible; this is to ensure that there is less congestion and limited face to face contact to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid 19.


It continues to be our school policy that anyone on site wears a face covering or displays an exemption card. 




Please bring your child(ren) to school between these


Please arrive at school to collect your child(ren) at this time:


8.40 - 8.45am



12.25 - 12.30pm



8.45 - 8.50am



8.45 - 8.50am



8.50 - 8.55am



8.50 - 8.55am



8.55 - 9.00am



8.55 - 9.00am



9.00 - 9.05am



9.00 - 9.05am



9.05 - 9.10am


Year 5

9.05 - 9.10am



9.10 - 9.15am


Year 6

9.10 - 9.15am



 Dinner Money

Most parents are keeping their child’s dinner money account in credit, and this helps school a great deal – thank you. If you receive a text or phone call from us to advise you that your child’s dinner money account has gone into debt, we would appreciate it is you could pay as quickly as possible.


Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

School re-opens on Tuesday 5th January 2021




Dear Parent/Carer 

Good attendance at school is the single most important factor in ensuring that your child will maximise their learning opportunities.  By attending school every day your child takes an important step in reaching their full potential.  Research completed by the Department for Education found that every day missed was associated with a lower attainment outcome at both KS2 and KS4.  The more time your child spends around other children, the more chance they have of making friends and feeling included, boosting their social skills, confidence and self-esteem.  Promoting positive school attendance is therefore everyone’s responsibility.


You may be aware that school absence in Doncaster is one of the highest in England and schools have been working with Doncaster Council to look at how we can ensure all children attend school as much as possible.  The school wants your child to have the education and skills they need to live a happy and fulfilling life.  With this in mind Doncaster Council has made two major changes in how it will respond to requests from schools when schools are considering enforcing poor attendance. 


Unauthorised Leave (Holidays in term time)

You will be aware that no leave of absence from school for a holiday in term time can be taken without the authorisation of the Headteacher and should you take your child out of school for a holiday you may be issued with a Penalty Notice.  Doncaster Council will continue to issue Education Penalty Notices to each parent for each child they take out of school for a holiday. 


Irregular Attendance at School

The school may write to you to advise there are concerns with your child’s irregular attendance at school.  It is very important that you work closely with the school to ensure your child is able to attend school every day wherever possible.  If your child’s attendance is not at the expected level the school will offer support to you and your child to ensure an improvement in attendance is made.  However, should the support not have the required improvement in attendance we may send you a penalty notice warning letter.  If there are any further unauthorised absences in the following 15 school days the school may request Doncaster Council to issue you with an Education Penalty Notice. 


The penalty notice is a fine of £120 but reduced to £60 if you pay it within 21 days.  Doncaster Council will decide if a penalty notices can be issued but may decide to prosecute you instead.  Where Doncaster Council decide a prosecution should take place, they will write to you offering you to attend a meeting with an Enforcement Court Officer.  Following this meeting the Enforcement Court Officer will decide if a prosecution will take place and a summons will be requested from Doncaster Magistrates Court. 


If you are experiencing any difficulty with your child’s attendance, please contact us immediately so we can work together to ensure improvements are made.


Yours faithfully


Mrs R Train


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