New to F2

Dear pupils,

We look forward to welcoming you all into your new class after the summer holidays. To help you settle in, please find below a list of activities that you can choose from to complete.

Thank you

Mrs Sharp and Miss Edwards


Communication, language and literacy

  • Play games that involve taking turns, to help support listening and concentration.
  • Complete jigsaws. Looking at the colour and shape.
  • Talk about your experiences with others.
  • Answer open questions like, ‘What are you going to play with today?’ with a sentence.
  • Make your own choices of what you would like to play with, using your imagination when needed.
  • Use and understand positional language (under, on top, next to, above, behind)
  • Respond to and follow an instruction given.


  • Play lots of different games such as ‘Duck, duck goose’, ‘Tag’, ‘What time is it Mr Wolf’, ‘Hopscotch’, ‘Piggy in the middle’, ‘Stuck in the mud’.
  • Listen to music and dance along.
  • Practise cutting along a line.
  • Draw lines and circles with control.
  • Dress and undress independently.
  • Put on and fasten your coat independently.
  • Toilet independently.


  • Share a varied range of books including stories and non-fiction books. Talk about the main events, characters and if they have had any similar experiences.
  • Look at and handle books carefully, holding it the correct way up and turning pages.
  • Look for print in other areas such as food packaging, shop and road signs.
  • Play rhyming games
  • Name the sounds of the alphabet.


  • Practise writing your names (see sheet for correct letter formation).
  • Play with playdough to build finger and hand strength.
  • Draw, write or paint, explaining what your marks are.


  • Sing number rhymes.
  • Touch count to at least 5 objects.
  • Order magnetic numbers to at least 5.
  • Recite number 0-10 at least correctly.
  • Play dice games such as snakes and ladders where counting moves is required


  • Look for 2D and 3D shapes around the home and outside, talk about the properties of the shapes.
  • Talk about what happens at different times of the day.
  • Have a treasure hunt around the home using positional language as clues, your next clue is under the table, on top of the…, next to the….
  • Find and compare the weights of different objects within your home. Do all the bowls weigh the same?
  • Use construction sets and talk about your arrangement (how tall, round pieces, straight)

Understanding the world

  • Talk about what makes you special.
  • Talk about your family, what are they like, how are they different or the same?
  • Talk about special times or events.
  • Explore the technology you have around the home such as phones, computers (tablets, iPad, kindles etc.), TV, radio, CD or DVD players.
  • Make an animal habitat. Then go on an animal hunt. What animals did you see? Show care and concern.
  • Ask questions and talk about what you see on a walk or when out and about.

Expressive arts and design

  • Explore a variety of different media such as paint, glue, pens, pencils, pastels, chalks and modelling. Talk about your creations. Discuss the colours. Explore how colours can be changed.
  • Sing familiar songs. Make or imitate movements.
  • Make and decorate cakes or biscuits, talk about designs.
  • Make a musical instrument – What sounds does it make? Is it quiet? Loud?


Please see below video for your child's transition into F2. 

New to F2