Sports Premium/P.E.:


Vision Statement

At Warmsworth Primary School we believe that physical education is an essential part of a child’s educational development. We support the government’s initiative to combat obesity and enjoy being active. Through PE and sport, our children learn to develop the important qualities of resilience, communication, positive attitude, motivation and building self-esteem. We aim to provide high quality teaching in PE and provide a wide variety of opportunities for children that motivate and inspire every individual child to become an ambassador in their learning. Children are provided with opportunities to develop their leadership, coaching and officiating skills throughout the curriculum.


Sports Funding

The sports funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport.  Funding has been calculated by the number of primary-aged  pupils. All schools with 17 or more primary-aged pupils will receive a lump of £16,000 plus a premium of £10 per pupil.  Smaller schools will receive £500 per pupil.  Schools allocation for 2019/20 was £19,570.00


 Long Term PE Curriculum Map: Sept 2020 to July 2021