Revision Websites

Below are links to some fantastic revision websites to support our children in their learning.


Top Sites


BBC Education-Maths File-Grid Game - number types Cyberchase .Fractions Decimals Percentages equivalents Cyberchase-games-equivalent fractions Darts Game - Adding and Subtracting Decimal Speedway - multiplying
Decimal Squares Blackjack Equivalent fractions and converting
Estimating Calculations Estimating decimals
Fractions decimals and percentages
Ordering decimals Ordering numbers Rounding numbers Subtraction of Decimals
Practise your tables
Alien Spreadsheet. Work out the spreadsheet formula used by each alien. 6 levels. Behind the Blob game. Work out which number is hidden behind the blob on the number grid. 8 levels. Coordinates - State and plot coordinates in all four quadrants and then find the equation of the line that passes through them. 3 levels. Functions and Rules. Work out what the number machine is doing. 10 questions. Patterns and sequences. Work out the next in the sequence. 3 questions.
Predict the graph as real life graphs. Archimedes fills the graphs using various parameters Sequences and Rules - Investigate the number of matches needed to make the pattern Sequences and Rules. Alien Calculator. Work out the calculation carried out by each alien. 6 levels. Solving Equations - Match the equivalent equations. 3 levels. Substitution - Post the mail by solving the substitution problems. 3 levels.
Shape, Space and Measures
3D views - Draw the plan views for the 3D shapes. 10 levels. BBC Education-Maths File-Animal Weigh In - metric and imperial Estimating angles. Free Tetris
Interactivate Estimator Tangrams - Recreate the pictures shown. Transformations - Use transformations to move the shapes onto their corresponding point. 10 levels. Transformations - Use transformations to pot the golf balls into the hole. 9 levels
Data Handling
Averages Coin tossing simulator completing tally charts and tables
Probability simulator 1 Probability simulator 2 - Predict what's in Santa's sack Spinners
Problem Solving
Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection Various problem games