Warmsworth Primary Sports Council


2018 - 2019

 Sports Council Leader - Mr Halstead

Year 1:


 My name is Max and I am one of the Sports Councillors for Year 1. I enjoy playing football it’s my favourite sport. The first sport I ever played was rugby; I still want to try basketball. I was happy when my friends picked me for the role of Sports Councillor.  My favourite sports star is Ronaldo.


My name is Lacey, I’m 5 and I love my P.E sessions at school. I really enjoy throwing and catching in P.E. Another reason I love P.E is that it keeps you fit. I look forward to being a Sports Councillor for the rest of the year.


Year 2:


My name is Sebastian and my favourite sport is football. I have also now started to really enjoy playing Handball at school with Mr Halstead.


I was really pleased to be announced as a Sports Councillor this year. My favourite sport is football, but I like to try different sports as well, I’m hoping to try Hockey this year in P.E.


 Year 3:


My name is Henry, and I am good at playing football. I also love to watch football my favourite team is Sheffield United. If I could meet one famous star in the world it would be David Brook who now plays for AFC Bournemouth after an 11.5 million pound move from Sheffield United.


I am the Sports Council representative for Year 3. I love Gymnastics, and I really enjoy playing Basketball. If I could meet on famous sports star I would want to meet the fastest person on earth (Usain Bolt).


Year 4:


My name is Ruby. I am 9 years old and my favourite sport is football; I love playing it at school and at competitions. I think sport is important because it makes you healthy. I would love to meet Ronaldo because he has good teamwork skills.


 My name is Finley and I play football   .The position I play is goal keeper. My favourite sport though to play at school is handball I think it’s because I can transfer my goal keeping skills. Furthermore, I would love to try and transfer these skills to netball and Mr Halstead has said we will be doing that this year.


Year 5:


My name is William, and I am very enthusiastic when it comes to sports and I enjoy taking part in them. My favourite sports are football, dodgeball, rugby and basketball. I wanted to occupy the role of Sports Council because I am dedicated to sports and want our school to succeed. I recently captained our Year 5 football team to the Doncaster finals after the qualification event.


My name is Emma. I’m a young girl that loves taking part in sports. My favourite sports consist of Basketball, Tag Rugby and Dodgeball. The first sport I ever took part in was Gymnastics, but my favourite now is Basketball and I have already represented Warmsworth primary school at this sport. I wanted to be a Sports Councillor because I am dedicated to sports and wanted our school to succeed in sport. I would love to meet Simone Biles (professional gymnast) one day because she has won lots of medals at the Olympics, and she is very inspiring. I hope to inspire younger children at Warmsworth just like her.


  Year 6:


My name is Ava. I love doing P.E lessons especially with Miss Gibson; we go to hundreds of competitions with a big smile on our faces knowing that we will come home victorious. My favourite sports are Tag Rugby, football and Dodgeball. These sports involve having great hand-eye co-ordination, speed, agility and good teamwork. Being a team player includes: supporting each other, effective communication and being aware of each other’s strengths. I also love P.E because it keeps you fit and healthy and its so much fun. Something, I have never tried is Karate and would love to try this one day in the future.



My name is Charlie and I am a sports councillor for my school. This involves representing my school at sporting events, organising fundraisers to purchase resources (such as dodgeball and basketball equipment) and buying new sports kit. My favourite sport is Cricket and I play for Warmsworth in the summer months and Warmsworth football team in the winter. I play many positions both in cricket and football. My school sporting highlight by far was last year in an all Warmsworth final and I caught the final catch to give my Year 5 the win over Year 6. I support Yorkshire and English Cricket and my favourite player is Joe Root as he is the captain of England cricket team who recently has won back to back test matches in Sri Lanka.



Sports Council News Update
As a Sports Council, we have developed our ideas and arranged for school to purchase new equipment for children to use during play-times and lunch-times.  The Sports Council members gathered ideas from their own year group, the ideas were then taken to the Sports Council meeting, where the children then decided on which equipment to purchase.
We hope all the children in school enjoy the new equipment and look forward to our next assignment.