Committee Structure and Membership:


Co-Chair of Governors – Miss L Rush & Mrs J McDermott

Vice-Chair of Governors Mr J Bucknall


Learning and Teaching Committee

Headteacher,  J McDermott, L Rush,  J Bucknall, K Godfrey,  E Nile, P Haselier, J Johnson, A Marshall, R Mutton

(chair appointed at each meeting)


Human Resources Committee

Headteacher,  J McDermott, L Rush, G Blount, J Bucknall,  E Nile, K Godfrey, J Johnson 

(chair appointed at each meeting)


Finance and Facilities Committee

Headteacher,  J McDermott, L Rush, G Blount (Chair), J Bucknall,  E Nile,  A Wormley (Vice Chair)


Staff Disciplinary Committee

Co-Chair and two other Governors nominated by the Chair


Staff Disciplinary Appeal Committee

Vice Chair and two other Governors nominated by the Vice-Chair


Headteacher’s Performance Management Review:

J McDermott, K Godfrey,  L Rush, A Wormley, plus an additional governor, (chair appointed at each meeting)


Governors with specific responsibilities:

 L Rush  Safeguarding
 J Johnson  Special Education Needs
 P Haselier  Literacy
 G Blount  Numeracy
J Bucknall  ICT
K Godfrey  Children in Care
 E Nile   Race Equality and Religious Education
 L Rush  Child Protection
G Blount  Health & Safety
K Godfrey  Disadvantaged Pupils
 R Train  Disadvantaged Pupils
 L Rush  Single Central Record
 P Haselier

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) /

English as Additional Language (EAL) Children 


Governors Assigned to Year Groups: 

Foundation 1  E Nile
Foundation 2  E Nile
 Year 1  J Johnson
 Year 2  R Mutton
 Year 3  J McDermott
 Year 4  J Johnson
 Year 5  P Haselier
 Year 6  J McDermott